Savings accounts

We can help you make the most of your money by providing a range of financial support, guidance and other services.

If you are a resident in Scotland, we can recommend saving with one of our partner credit unions.  Glasgow, Scotwest, Pollok and Capital Credit credit unions all offer savings accounts with easy access.  

Here's what one of our partners has to say:

Scotwest offers ethical, competitive and fair financial services. We aim to provide the highest level of service to our members and give long term financial support to the people of the West of Scotland. We are delighted to offer Scotcash customers the opportunity to join us and start saving for a brighter future.

Kenny MacLeod - CEO, Scotwest Credit Union

Having these partnerships allows Scotcash to offer our customers more choice when saving, moreover you now do not have to be a Scotcash customer to open a savings account with us.

You can start saving from as little as £2 per week and build up your savings for planned events such as Christmas, birthdays, holidays etc.  

I’m extremely grateful for your help when we were at our lowest and everything was going downhill.

It's a great way to start saving and couldn't be easier to set up as our loan officers will complete all the necessary paperwork at the same time as your personal loan (where applicable).

As an extra benefit, your savings may be protected by free life savings insurance. This means if anything should happen to you, your next of kin would receive twice the value of your savings (terms & conditions apply including 6 months pre-existing condition limitation).

Local Credit Unions can also help you with other types of insurance such as car, home and travel.