Our customer promise

Scotcash is committed to continuously improving its customer service.

Scotcash is committed to continuously improving its customer service. We will:

  • have helpful, courteous and properly trained staff
  • listen to you and use your feedback to help us improve our services
  • deal with your enquiry sensitively, accurately and confidentially
  • respond to your voicemails, letters and emails within 2 working days
  • follow our complaints procedure to resolve any issue you may have

Feedback and complaints

We welcome and value your compliments, complaints, comments and suggestions about our services.

When gathering feedback we want to explore the aspects of our services that customers like or dislike and any comments or suggestions you have on how we might do things differently or better.

We also want to know when our staff have done a good job and exceeded customer expectations so that we can share good practice.

If you want to provide us with a compliment, comment or suggestion please complete the online ‘get in touch’ form or leave us a review on Google or Trustpilot.

Your feedback will be acknowledged, recorded and passed on to the appropriate person and team(s) to follow up.

If you wish to register a complaint, please see our complaints procedure.

What we expect from you

Scotcash will provide high quality services that are fair and impartial to our customers. In return we expect you to conduct yourself in a civil and professional manner. We will not tolerate threatening, bullying, discriminatory or abusive behaviour towards our staff.

Our Unacceptable Customer Behaviour Policy helps staff in Scotcash take the appropriate steps to manage or resolve this. The policy makes sure anyone we believe is acting unreasonably is told why and given time to improve their behaviour. If the behaviour continues, after taking the proper steps in the procedure this may result in Scotcash stopping contact with the customer. We will not take this decision or impose any sanctions lightly.