Our Events

At Scotcash we are keen to keep people informed about the range of services we provide with a view to improving their financial circumstances.

Updates to customers as well as our network contacts are sent regularly and our Customer and Corporate Newsletters and are a great way to make sure your staff and customers are kept up-to-date with the range of services Scotcash provides. 

We attend Community and Corporate events, give presentations to a variety of audiences, provide informative presentations at staff training days and speak to groups of service users at a wide range of events.


Request A Scotcash Presentation

Presentations and informal talks to groups of service users or staff are very useful if you would like further information about Scotcash, as these provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain an even greater understanding of how Scotcash can be a useful resource. 

Contact us at info@scotcash.glasgow.gov.uk and let us know:

•          Your Name
•          Your Organisation name
•          Contact number
•          Email address
•          Event title
•          Date and time of event
•          Location of event
•          Purpose of event and what outcome you hope to achieve


Additionally, promotion of our services through advertising in newsletters and other publications is also undertaken regularly. Please see below for an example, from the Glasgow's Helping Heroes newsletter:  



Glasgow’s Helping Heroes:

“We at Glasgow’s Helping Heroes would recommend that any other service provider who deals with clients and their financial issues could benefit from finding out more about the exact service that Scotcash can offer to people in their area.”

Glasgow Association for Mental Health (GAMH):

"Scotcash have been providing information sessions to GAMH members for a number of years.  These sessions have helped highlight the many services available through Scotcash which have benefitted our members.” 

Did You Know...?

That over 99% of existing customers would use Scotcash services again in the future.