Scotcash’s online Benefits Checker is helping households access over £10,000 of unclaimed benefits

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on November 01 2021 | Tagged:

Scotcash’s new, automatic online Benefits Checker, provided by Inbest, an award-winning fintech, is helping some of the UK’s 8 million financially vulnerable households which currently miss out on £16 billion in benefits they are due. The impact is even bigger for households with children, who can claim additional benefits of £565 per month they currently don’t.

The calculator is integrated within Scotcash’s online affordable loan application process and notifies customers about any unclaimed benefits before guiding their applications.

The online Benefits Checker automatically compares the actual benefits they receive with the benefits they are entitled to, based on their specific circumstances and financial situation. It has been helping people in households who are unaware of their entitlement, wrongly assume they are not eligible or think an application is too complicated.

This feature has helped loan applicants to top-up their salaries with their benefits entitlement, reduce their bills, apply for smaller amounts of credit, repay their loans more comfortably, and build savings in the future.

Sharon MacPherson, CEO of Scotcash, said:
“Financial insecurity is expected to be a bigger reality for more people as a result of the end of furlough, increased utility bills and higher national insurance contributions so it’s more important than ever people claim everything they are entitled to. We are delighted to enhance our existing customer support with this much needed new service.”

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Update on 18th February 2022: 

Our online Benefits Checker has helped users access over £10m in unclaimed benefits so far.