Scotcash Partners with Snoop

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on July 13 2020 | Tagged:

Snoop can help watch what your're spending and spot smart ways you can make savings.  It will share money-saving suggestions that are completely personlised to you and the places you spend.

Here are a few of Snoop’s features that could help you…

• Daily balance alerts – so you can see exactly what’s happening to your bank account.
• Weekly look ahead – Snoop will tell you what regular payments you have coming up, so you can check you have the cash to cover them.
• Keep an eye on your bills – Snoop will send you an alert if there’s a big change (up or down) in any of your regular payments, so you can take action if you need to.
• See if you’re overpaying – Snoop will check your energy, mobile and broadband payments and let you know if there’s an opportunity to switch and save money.
• Voucher Codes – your money-saving suggestions will include discount codes and offers for the places you already spend money at
• One view of your money – connect your bank accounts to Snoop so you can see all your money in one place, giving you much more control.

Snoop is secure and regulated

If you decide to download and sign up, rest assured Snoop uses super-secure technology to connect your bank accounts and never sees your bank log-in details, which remain secure with your bank. And like Scotcash, Snoop is regulated by the Financial Conduct Agency.

That’s why we’re confident recommending it to you as a helpful money-saving tool.

Why not try to the Snoop App for yourself and see if it can help you keep on top of your money?

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