Amazon Voucher Scam - beware!

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on March 04 2020 | Tagged:

Scotcash has recently become aware of a scam currently targeting Scotcash customers. Scammers have been contacting customers claiming to be from Scotcash, and quoting our FCA registration number as ‘confirmation’, and asking customers to purchase Amazon Vouchers as an up front fee. The scammers are leading customers to believe that the vouchers will allow them to access and release loan funds.

Scotcash will NEVER ask you to purchase an Amazon Voucher or to make any up front payment before a loan is released.  

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Scotcash – and it seems suspicious – please do not provide them with any personal details, and contact Scotcash with details of this call right away on 0141 276 0525.

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