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Scotcash Partners with Snoop

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on July 13 2020 | Tagged: Services, Customer announcements


We are proud to launch our new partnership with Snoop. It’s a new free App which the Scotcash Team find really helpful for managing money.

Scotcash Customers Walk a Financial Tightrope

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on June 26 2020 | Tagged:

Scrimping January 2016

Research by Caledonian University calls for more support for affordable credit providers like Scotcash to help create a healthy financial life for low income households.

Coronavirus: help and support if you are affected

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on March 19 2020 | Tagged: Customer announcements

Debt Worries

If you have concerns about the impact of Coronavirus on your finances, we’ve put in place some support and information to help.

COVID-19 coronavirus: information for our customers

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on March 17 2020 | Tagged: Customer announcements

DSC 2255

Important Information for our customers

Amazon Voucher Scam - beware!

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on March 04 2020 | Tagged: Customer announcements

Mockup Generated By Dunnnk

Scotcash has become aware of scammers pretending to provide Scotcash loans if you buy an Amazon Voucher