Lending to North Glasgow – an insight into affordable credit in one of Scotland’s most deprived areas

Posted by: Sharon MacPherson on November 27 2019 | Tagged:

In an independent report undertaken by Niall Alexander Consultancy, the lending history and trends of Scotcash, both within the North of Glasgow area, but also across a wider geographical area too,  over a period of three years has shown some excellent and encouraging results.

Opening in 2011, Scotcash was welcomed to the north of the city with a permanent space within the ng Homes main offices providing one of the most deprived areas in Scotland with an alternative to other expensive forms of credit.

Through this route to accessible finance, over £849,000 of credit was made available to residents of North Glasgow through the Scotcash and the ng Homes partnership, with Scotcash having provided over 1,533 residents with an affordable and accessible loan.

The report not only examines the positive influence which has been evidenced in the area by encouraging individuals to take control of their finances, but also looks set to influence more changes going forward with the provision of this accessible line of credit.  

As technology has moved on, there is clear evidence that the preferred method of accessing credit has also changed, not only with Scotcash, but across the financial sector as a whole. Moving from historically almost entirely face to face applications, there has been a massive shift to online lending, and whilst online loans could be considered more of a risk to lenders , Scotcash has managed to maintain a consistently low rate of troublesome debt in the North of Glasgow. 

The early approach by Scotcash which was entirely based on face to face lending, has paved the way for a healthy relationship which many Scotcash customers enjoy and it has allowed them to have an ongoing trusted relationship with an affordable lender .  This is evidenced by customers returning time and time again when they have a need to borrow at an affordable rate.  


Sharon MacPherson, CEO of Scotcash said:

“Over the years of working in partnership with ng homes, we are pleased to see that that the physical presence of an affordable lender in an area which experiences deprivation has been, and continues to be of, a valuable resource to the residents in North Glasgow.

As our methods of lending progress and change, we welcome the reassurance that face to face options not only aid in building relationships, but have helped the North of Glasgow in securing safe and affordable credit with lower levels of bad debt compared to other regions of Scotland.”


 You can read more about the report here.