Take Control of your Finances with a Scotcash MoneyMOT

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Are your finances in need of a health check?


Are you receiving everything that you are entitled to?


Does your budget need retuning?


Do you live in Scotland?


There have been a number of changes across the UK recently which may have affected your personal financial circumstances.

Universal Credit continues to move into new areas across Scotland, and this may mean that the way in which you receive benefits will change.

If you were a customer of pay-day lenders Wonga, or the Money Shop, the administration of these companies could have had an impact on your finances.


Scotcash MoneyMOT is here to help. We can provide you with a free Money MOT to help you take control of your finances and ensure that you are making the most of your money.


Information on affordable loans, emergency support advice, energy advice, and income maximisation is available Monday to Friday, 9-5, via our dedicated phone line, or our online webchat. Read on to see how we can help you gain control of your finances.


Affordable Loans

Scotcash affordable loans are short term, safe alternatives to the high cost lenders in the UK. Pay-day loans and rent-to-own furniture shops result in customers paying over double what was initially borrowed at the beginning of the term due to high interest rates, and lack of flexibility with the repayment schedule.

Scotcash loans are based on your affordability – whether that is salary or benefits – to decide what you can safely afford.

If a Scotcash loan is not the right option for you, there are a number of other services we have which can help you with your money.


Income Maximisation

In 2015/16 up to £12.4 billion was left unclaimed in benefits. Scotcash can help you make sure that you are receiving all the benefits and grants available to you to help maximise your income. This can be done over the phone or via email. If you would like to know if you are claiming everything you should be, please contact Scotcash on 0141 276 0531, or send us a message via webchat. 


Energy Advice

Moving into winter it is important to be aware of the help available to keep your home warm. Scotcash can help you with a number of fuel issues, including help to apply for the Warm Homes Discount.

The Warm Homes Discount provides you with £140 credit towards your gas or electricity bill, and does not need to be repaid. You can find out more about the Warm Homes Discount here, and if you would like help in applying for the discount you can contact Scotcash on 0141 276 0531, or via our webchat.


Bank Accounts

Having your own bank account has many advantages - which you can read about here as part of our BankOnUs campaign - including ways to save money. Having your own bank account isn’t only a safe way to manage your money, it is also essential if you will be either beginning a claim with Universal Credit, or will be moving onto the service at any point in the future. Here at Scotcash we can help you to open a basic bank account, even if you don’t have photographic ID.

To open a bank account you must be able to visit one of our face to face locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, or Inverclyde. If you would like to discuss our basic bank account service, and what Scotcash can do to help, call us on 0141 276 0531, or head to our webchat in the corner of the screen.


Savings Accounts

Scotcash can help you to access a savings account with a Credit Union partner. This will allow you to put aside a little money when you can which can amount to the difference between needing credit or not when an emergency or special event comes around.  



If you would like advice on any of the topics above, call a dedicated member of the team on 0141 276 0531, or via our webchat. Please note that the MoneyMOT service is only available to those living within Scotland. Scotcash Affordable Loans however, are open for applications across the UK.

If you have more questions about our services you can visit our FAQ.