4 Bank Account Top Tips

Posted by: Eden Morrison on August 17 2018 | Tagged:

Having your own personal bank account is the best way to manage your money in a safe and accountable way.

Below we have our top 4 tips on how to get the most out of your bank account.


1. Online and mobile banking

With mobile phones and constant connections to wifi nearly everywhere you go, its no wonder that you can access your banking information online. One of the best ways to manage your money and your bank account is to register for online banking. This will not only save you time when dealing with your money as you won’t have to go into a bank branch, but it helps you keep tabs on your spending and incomings as you can check your account at any moment of the day. If you have a smart phone, most banks have a free app you can download, which makes the process even easier.


2. Set up text alerts

When you have set up your online banking, another great idea is to set up text alerts which can tell you when your bank account reaches a certain amount. This can help to remind you when your benefits or pay has went in, but more importantly it can let you know when you are close to hitting your overdraft if you have one. This reminder can help you be more mindful of your money and can help you avoid payments from bouncing.


3. Set up direct debits

Another top tip to help you manage your bank account is to set up direct debits for all important monthly or weekly payments you have to make. This will make sure that you don’t end up in arrears by forgetting payments, and it can also help you to find cheaper deals on things such as electricity and gas. Direct debits are easy to manage, and most banks allow you to manage them through your online banking account.


4. Online shopping

When you have your own bank account, a real money saver is that you can shop online! Not only is this easier and quicker than going into shops, it can save you money by allowing you to compare deals, and access online only discounts.


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