Michael Sheen Visits Scotcash

Posted by: Eden Morrison on March 22 2018 | Tagged:

On Monday 19th of March there was a buzz about the Scotcash Glasgow office as we prepared to welcome actor and activist Michael Sheen to our work place to discuss the work that Scotcash do in the battle against high-cost credit.

Whilst at the office, Michael Sheen took some time to meet some of our loyal customers, and the staff behind the fantastic work we do here providing affordable credit across the UK.

Sheen was in Glasgow to deliver a speech at the Responsible Finance conference on the 20th of March – during which he announced the relaunch of the End High Cost Credit Alliance. The Alliance is a new movement founded by Michael, aimed at creating a fairer playing field for organisations like Scotcash by providing support, a platform to keep this conversation going, and a network of similar organisations all working towards the same goal – fairer credit.

The visit on the 19th of March was covered on BBC’s The One Show on Wednesday night, and features including Scotcash CEO Sharon MacPherson, and Scotcash customers Lynn Mullan, and Andrina Dickson were aired on STV news at 6 on Tuesday night, followed by BBC’s Reporting Scotland.

The conversation which has taken place over this exciting week – spurred further on by the events at the Reponsible Finance Conference – is vital to the health and wellbeing of the UK’s public, and so must continue. Credit needs to be talked about, and here at Scotcash we are a friendly ear with resources and partnerships to make sure you understand your financial situation, and are getting the most out of your current options.



Michael Sheen at the Scotcash Office


Michael with Scotcash customer Marie and her son Jack



Michael Sheen and the Scotcash Team 



Michael and Scotcash customers Mr and Mrs Niven



Michael Sheen and Scotcash CEO Sharon MacPherson


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