Michael Sheen to visit Scotcash

Posted by: Eden Morrison on March 19 2018 | Tagged:

Acclaimed actor and activist, Michael Sheen, backs the call for fair finance on visit to Scotcash ahead of major conference speech. 


Scotcash will welcome a visit from actor and activist Michael Sheen, founder of the End High Cost Credit Alliance, on the 19th of March. Michael will be followed by the team from BBC’s The One Show as part of plans to talk about the issues of fair finance in a special piece for broadcast on 21st March.

Scotcash provides affordable credit and access to related financial services for thousands of low income households across the UK. 

Almost half of customers are lone parents, many of whom are living in poverty and unable to access fair priced credit or other basic financial services such as bank accounts. 

During the visit, Sheen will have the chance to discuss the work of the organisation with staff and hear first-hand how their work is providing an ethical alternative to unsafe or expensive credit sources, such as illegal money lenders and doorstep lenders.


Sheen is in Glasgow to deliver a major speech at the Responsible Finance conference on March 20th, where he will launch the End High Cost Credit Alliance, a new movement founded by Michael aimed at creating a fairer playing field for organisations like Scotcash. Before the conference Sheen will spend the day getting to know the Scotcash team.


Michael Sheen, actor and founder of the End High Cost Credit Alliance says,

“Scotcash are a great example of an organisation working tirelessly to deliver fair finance and support to those who most need it. I am delighted to get to spend some time with them to listen, learn and see how the Alliance can help them. The End High Cost Credit Alliance recognises how unfair the playing field is for organisations like Scotcash and we’ll be doing what we can to help them deliver fair finance to more people. High Cost credit destroys lives and is unfairly targeted at those who can least afford it. Scotcash and the many other alternatives prove there are alternatives and we need to get behind them. “

Scotcash provides a wraparound financial inclusion service covering various areas of financial exclusion. This includes access to affordable credit, bank accounts, savings accounts, and debt advice.


Sharon MacPherson, CEO of Scotcash, said ahead of the visit:

“The staff are all very excited about Michael’s visit.  He is one of the UK’s most critically acclaimed actors and coming to Glasgow gives a voice to what Scotcash and others in across the country are doing to tackle financial exclusion and the poverty premium”.


The work of affordable lenders like Scotcash helps individuals to move away from the ‘poverty premium’ and towards being in control of their finances. The poverty premium is the concept that those who are financially excluded pay £490 or more - compared to those who are financially secure – to access basic services and products, such as gas and electricity.


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