Scotland's Breadline

Posted by: Eden Morrison on February 13 2018 | Tagged:

The BBC One documentary ‘Breadline Kids’ – which aired yesterday – followed the story of four families in Scotland who were living on the breadline.


Living on the breadline refers to the ‘working poor’ or those who are suffering from ‘in-work poverty’ – households who are living below the poverty line despite one member of the family being in full or part-time work.


Statistics from the Scottish Government revealed that in 2015/16, 62% of working age adults in poverty were living in working households, as were 66% of children in poverty. Those who are living below the poverty line are at risk of falling into the cycle of high cost credit, unsafe methods of securing credit, and pay day lenders – which ultimately leave the user worse off financially due to high interest rates.


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If you are struggling to secure food to feed your family, make an appointment with your local Citizens Advice Bureau, or GP, who will be able to refer you to a food bank.