FCA Warning - Fraud Alert

Posted by: Eden Morrison on February 06 2018 | Tagged:

The FCA have released a warning detailing a number of Fraud Alerts targeting the users of small sum lenders.


A number of individuals have received emails from fraudsters pretending to be lending companies, which have been asking customers to call and confirm details, and provide a deposit for an approved loan. The emails have been convincing enough for a number of people to fall victim of this scam, and they could include logos and images used in the lending company’s real correspondence, along with details such as the organisations FCA number, and their website link.


Please be vigilant when receiving correspondence from your lending company, or any lenders you may have applied to. If you are asked to call a number from an email, you should check this against the contact details on the organisations website before contacting them.


Further to this, you should check the email address which the correspondence is being sent from. Fraudsters may be using similar looking email addresses with small variants such as .com instead of .co.uk, or the addition of numbers or extra letters to the address. Once again, these addresses can be checked against the details given on the website of the organisation.


If you receive correspondence and would like to check to see if it is a legitimate form of contact from an FCA approved organisation, you can call the organisation from the contact stated on their website to ensure that they are trying to contact you.


If you have received any fraudulent emails you can report this to the FCA Consumer Helpline 0800 111 6768.