Financial Health Check - Help to Beat the January Money Blues

Posted by: Eden Morrison on January 15 2018 | Tagged:

Once the cheer and glow of Christmas has passed, dreary January comes in, with Monday the 15th said to be the most depressing day of the year - also known as 'Blue Monday'. Nearly 8 million people in the UK will be suffering from a Financial Hangover due to the strain of covering the cost of Christmas. Financial strain coupled with the long cold month of January can cause stress, but don’t despair. There are a number of organisations providing support which can aid you through the last of winter, and can help you to get your finances back in check.


      1. Get Money Advice

If you are struggling with credit payments or debt after Christmas, there are a number of organisations which can provide you with support and advice regarding finances and debt. You can visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau to discuss money worries, or you can turn to organisations such as Step Change Debt Charity for assistance with a debt repayment plan and advice.


      2. Get Advice for Other Issues

If you are struggling financially, this can cause stress and strain at home. Family, couple or individual counselling can help you work through difficulties you are having in your life, especially at this difficult time of the year. Visit The Spark for more information.


      3. Check your Eligibility

It was reported that three out of five pensioners are missing out on £1,013 a year because they are unaware of their entitlement. It is important to check your eligibility to see if you are receiving all the financial help that you are entitled to. Your local CAB office can run a benefits check, along with checking to see if there are any grants you can apply for to help at a difficult time. If you are a Scotcash customer you are eligible to use our in office CAB advice at our Glasgow office. Contact us to book an appointment now.


      4. Scotcash Services

This financially stressful time of the year is the worst time to have appliances break down unexpectedly, or to find yourself in a situation where you need emergency funds. If you do find yourself in a tight spot due to unexpected circumstances, you can apply for a Scotcash Affordable Loan to spread the cost of the emergency and ensure that it is not another worry on your list. Avoid high cost lenders such as pay day or doorstep loans if possible, as you will be charged high rates on interest which can only add to your troubles.


      5. Stay Warm

Christmas may be over, but we are still in Winter until the end of the month, and it is likely that the cold weather we have been having will continue. It is important to keep your home and family warm, and there is support available to help you do this. If you are eligible you can apply for the Warm Homes Discount Scheme which will provide you with a one off £140 payment towards your energy bills. Home Energy Scotland are also a good resource to look at to see how you can save money on heating your home. Further to this, there is the Cold Weather Payment Scheme if the temperatures dip drastically.