Festive Finances Day 4 - #ThriftyThursday

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Today it's #ThriftyThursday so we will look at how to spend less this Christmas, without compromising on any of the fun!
As we mentioned on Day one of #FestiveFinances, there are many aspects of Christmas to think about, which together can leave us with a bit of a financial hangover in the New Year. We will look at the main aspects of Christmas, and how you can save some money during this expensive time of the year.


Christmas is a time of the year where many of us will feel the pressure to overspend. Whether this is on more and more gifts for children or your loved ones, expensive outfits for nights out, or making sure your house looks its best for friends and family coming over. Don't give into the pressure! The first thing you need to do is figure out all your outgoings - where you will be spending your money - and make sure you stick to it! This Christmas Budget Calculator from Independent Age is a great tool to let you see where your money will be going and how much you need. 

Presents, Food and Decorations

To keep the number of presents you are buying down, suggest to friends or family that a Secret Santa would be fun - your budget could be increased per present as you will be buying fewer presents and everyone would still get something special.
Christmas Dinner can also be a source of high cost. If you are sharing a Christmas meal with family or friends, suggest a potluck style meal where everyone contributes a side/course. It spreads the cost between everyone but there is still a slap up meal on the table on Christmas Day.
Instead of buying new decorations, see what you already have from previous years, or have a crafting session to make some handmade decorations - a great activity to share with any children in your family!

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Days and Nights Out

You can be assured that there will be festive events cropping up wherever you are this Christmas, but don't get caught out with steep prices. Remember to check the likes of Groupon and itison for a deal on dining, drinks and days out. You might even find a great bargain Christmas present for your Secret Santa!
There will also be a number of free events happening all over the country that you can get involved in. Don't forget to check Visit Scotland to see what is happening near you.
The first thing you should do before you take yourself anywhere this festive season is book your travel. Whether you are travelling far to be with family, or you are hitting the town on a night out, booking public transport and taxis in advance will ensure you are getting the best deal all while avoiding surge charges for taxis and cabs.
So you have your day/night planned, travel is all booked - what about your outfit? Don't be afraid to re-wear an outfit you have in your wardrobe! If you do feel like you want something new and different to wear, try your hand at thrifting. There is nothing better feeling than a great looking outfit at a bargain price.


Check your Entitlement and Keep Warm

Make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to with this Christmas with a benefits check
As Christmas approaches, it is important to keep your house warm. If you are struggling to pay your heating bills, check to see if you are eligible for the Warm Homes Discount.  
If you are working in or have ever worked in agriculture, see if you are eligible for the RSABI Help For Heating Grant by checking out their website or calling 0300 111 4166. 
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