Festive Finances Day 3 - Scotcash Ethical Loans

Posted by: Eden Morrison on October 25 2017 | Tagged:

For day three of Festive Finances, we will be looking at Scotcash Ethical Loans - an affordable alternative to borrowing.


Yesterday we discussed taking out credit for household items, and on day one we discussed responsible borrowing from the likes of Credit Unions and banks. But where are you left when these options aren't available to you?


High-cost lenders? Door to door lenders? Loan sharks?

Don't make the mistake of sourcing a loan from an expensive or unsafe lender.


If you are unable to access the previously mentioned options, you could be eligible for a Scotcash Loan
We do not encourage borrowing unless it is needed.


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So what makes Scotcash different from other lenders?

1. We are an ethical lending company. Our loans will be cheaper than other personal loan companies such as high-cost lenders and door to door lenders.

2. Our loans are granted based on circumstances - we do not run credit checks on our customers.

3. Unemployment is not an issue - benefits are counted as income and affordability is assessed from there.

4. We value our customers. Scotcash is not just about loans - it is about financial inclusion. Everyone should have access to safe and legal financial products - which is why we also offer help with basic bank account openings, saving account openings, and money advice for our customers. We also have a network of connections throughout Scotland to other community interest companies to make sure you get the help you need, even if we can not provide it.

5. We offer flexible repayment schedules and don't charge for missed payments. We also offer payment holidays, as long as you let us know in advance. Both options would affect interest rates and length of repayment, however.


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Take a look at how we compare, apply online, give us a call or visit us in store.