Scotcash Email System Freeze

Posted by: Eden Morrison on June 28 2017 | Tagged:

UPDATE 29/06/2017

Scotcash email systems are now back to normal and will recieve incoming emails. Thank you for your patience whilst this issue was resolved. 


Due to the recent outbreak of ransomware attacks that have been affecting companies worldwide, precatutionary measures have been put in place to protect the information that Scotcash hold.


This has resulted in a temporary freeze on incoming emails to any Scotcash email account. Scotcash understand that this disruption may cause some frustration, and we apologise for any delay in responses to customers from our loan officers.


Scotcash urge customers to get in touch via telephone for any queries or questions regarding new and ongoing applications. You can reach us on 0141 276 0525. 


You can find out more about our privacy policy here.


Scotcash thank you for your patience and understanding as the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. For updates follow our Twitter account.