Living below the breadline

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In-work poverty is defined as individuals living in households where the household income is below the poverty threshold despite one member of the household working either full or part time.


Scotland has seen a dramatic increase in “working poverty” with a quarter of a million adults living on the breadline when one member of their household has a job.


Statistics released by the Scottish Government for 2012/13 showed that over half of working-age adults in poverty were in “in-work” poverty  this equates to an increase of 50,000 working-age adults in “in-work” poverty compared with the previous financial year (2011-12).*


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In addition to this the Trussell Trust has reported a rise from 5,726 to 71,428, a rise of 1240% in people using food banks in Scotland from 2011/12 to 2013/14. With the main reasons for people using them stated as Benefit delays/changes, low income and debt.


Between January and March 2014, the Citizens Advice Bureaux in Scotland recorded 1,311 new food parcel issues – this equates to one food parcel issue for every 50 clients who received advice. Extrapolating this figure to the number of clients that seek advice suggests that the bureaux advise on over 5,500 food parcel issues in a year.


If you are struggling financially and finding it difficult to afford food please make an appointment with one of our money advisors today or alternatively click here to find your nearest foodbank. 




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