East Glasgow Outreach Services - Update

Posted by: Carlene O'Carroll on February 19 2014 | Tagged:

Scotcash launched their services in the East of Glasgow in October 2013.  In partnership with Milnbank Housing Association, Parkhead Housing Association, West of Scotland Housing Association and NHS Keep Well shop we have extended our services to four new offices.  

Now Scotcash customers can benefit from the convenience of having Scotcash available locally rather than travelling into the city centre. The addresses and opening times of the new offices can be found on our Locations  page.

Scotcash continues to offer people affordable finance with the option of opening a savings account with a local Credit Union. This means that they can prepare for unforeseen circumstances or planned events such as birthdays and Christmas.

Scotcash can also help to open basic bank accounts on behalf of customers with our partners, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays. 

Eileen Stevenson Outreach Co-ordinator for Scotcash said:


“We have so far provided loans totalling £22,979, and money advice to local residents improving their financial health. Going forward we hope to see this increase as more people become aware of where we are situated and how easy it is to make an appointment.”


Our money advisors can provide you with a free financial health check and help you budget so that your money can stretch further. They can also provide free, confidential advice on debt and other money worries.

If you or anyone you know would like to make an appointment in any of our offices, please contact us or apply here.