Recharge your finances with Scotcash

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Recharge Your Finances With Scotcash Scotcash Blog Featured Image

Have you seen our new television advert yet?

Scotcash on Experian: Know The Score Podcast

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Scotcash Blog Featured Image Experian Know The Score

Our CEO, Sharon MacPherson was recently on Experian’s podcast - Know The Score. Click to listen to the episode.

What is a community lender?

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What Is A Community Lender Scotcash Blog Featured Image

Watch this video for a better understanding of what community lenders do and how we could help you.

£60m windfall is lifeline for poorest homes but £16bn left unclaimed

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60M Windfall Is Lifeline For Poorest Homes But 16Bn Left Unclaimed Scotcash Blog Featured Image

Twelve thousand lower-income households can claim more than £60 million pounds in benefits they are due every year thanks to sleuthing by “responsible” finance providers and a financial technology firm.

How it works

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How Scotcash Works

If you are looking for an affordable loan, check out our TV advert to see how it works.