Samantha Cairns

North Glasgow


Samantha used Provident in the past and felt she was always struggling because of the amount of interest she had to repay (more than half what she borrowed) she usually borrowed £500 and repaid over £800.  She got to a point where she didn’t know where to turn other than high cost lenders until her sister told her about Scotcash.

Samantha is married with four kids and has been using our services for the past couple of years usually around summer and Christmas time.  Since using Scotcash compared to high cost lenders she feels that the Scotcash service is more private as you don’t have people collecting at your door, she likes the fact that Scotcash offer payment holidays so when a financial emergency arises you can ask to stop a payment for a week or two and you don’t have to worry about where you are going to get the money from to pay for the emergency.  This could be anything from an unexpected high bill such as gas or elec or maybe a school trip or something breaking down in the house. 

 Samantha said:


“I have 4 kids and always felt stressed when it came to summer holiday and Christmas time as I knew it was going to cost me extra money I didn’t have.  A friend told me about Scotcash and although I felt embarrassed and nervous about going into the office I gave it a go.  My Loan Officer put me at ease instantly; she was friendly and understanding of my situation.  I can actually enjoy these times with my family now.”


Samantha has seen a real difference in that she can now afford for her kids to attend clubs and do activities they either couldn’t before or she had to struggle to pay for in the past.

Did You Know...?

Of those interviewed, 98% of returning customers said they would use the service again, and 79% would recommend us to a friend.