Russell faced a big shock with an unexpected vets bill and approached Scotcash for help.

It was a big shock when Russell’s cat had to be put to sleep. “She was over 20 but looked about 10 years younger and had a happy, healthy life,” he says.

What was also unexpected was the vet’s bill. “I only had a little bit of money spare and what with the medication and the cremation I needed to borrow £100 quickly,” he says.

“I saw your advert on television, had a look at your website and thought your interest rates look good,” says Russell, 54, who rents from a private landlord in Ayrshire and was forced to retire from working as a coach driver three years ago because of a chronic illness. “You see some of these other firms and they are charging ridiculous rates. When I saw how much your repayments were, and how you had nothing hidden, it looked ideal.”

He approached Scotcash and found “the people in your office were fantastic.” When there was a problem with the electronic signature “they bent over backwards to sort things out.” And with a credit rating he says is stable but not high, Russell welcomed the discovery that his record of repayments to Scotcash can improve it – though he’s not keen on borrowing again unless he needs to. “It’s like if you borrow from a friend: you only do it if you really mean to pay them back on time.”

Living with pancreatitis, IBS and arthritis, Russell keeps a keen eye on his health and was frustrated when he moved closer to his mother (who he cares for) and the guaranteed transfer of his benefits took four months to be sorted out.

“I’ve been really watching everything go up,” he adds, “and I top up the winter wallet on my prepayment meter over summer so the higher costs don’t come as a surprise in winter. But everything is going up right now, and when I had to pay the vets I don’t know what I’d have done without Scotcash."