Pauline Hill

South Glasgow


Pauline first approached Scotcash when she had accrued rent and council tax arrears.  Pauline’s husband had passed away about a year previous and prior to this the couple had no debt problems as he controlled the household budget.  

Unfortunately, Pauline took unwell a couple of times and was admitted to hospital on both occasions.   Due to this her Housing Association were contemplating eviction proceedings due to the rent arrears.  Realising that she needed assistance Pauline contacted one of the Money Advisers at Scotcash to help her budget her finances.  The Scotcash Money Adviser was able to set up an arrangement with the housing association to repay the arrears at an amount affordable to her and the threat of eviction was lifted.  An arrangement was also put in place for council tax arrears. 

The Money Adviser then helped Pauline contact The Budgeting Service where a Financial Management plan was put in place helping her to manage her finances better which in return stopped her feeling under pressure.


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Did You Know...?

In a recent customer survey, both first time and returning customers stated that friendly staff, easy repayments and lower interest rates were the best things about the service.