Arlene Simpson

South Glasgow


Arlene is a single mother with three young children and works full time.  She had passed the Scotcash office on a number of occasions and saw adverts in various places, so when she got a leaflet in the GHA Key magazine she decided to try for a loan rather than use the High Cost lender (Provident) that she was used to. 

She used her Scotcash loan to pay for her kids Christmas gifts, food and get her through an expensive time of year.  She also decided to save alongside her loan with the Credit Union as a saving fund was something she had thought about in the past with the view to borrowing from them in the future.  Arlene is still a customer with Scotcash and has gone on to take future loans to pay for her holidays while still saving and now borrowing from the Credit Union. 

Arlene said:


My experience with Scotcash has been very positive and the office is handy in the City Centre


Arlene borrows between Scotcash and the Credit Union to fund her holidays and Christmas and feels this is now much more affordable to her then when she borrowed a small amount from Provident and had to pay back much more than she had borrowed. 

 I was on a good income but was sick of struggling to pay back the weekly repayments to Provident.  Now I have money in the bank and am much better off.


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Did You Know...?

73% of returning customers interviewed have gone on to take a subsequent loan.